How It Works

How does Tradelibs work?

There are two ways to be a part of the platform…as a seller or a buyer. Of course, you can be both! To sell leads, it can be as easy as asking this question at the end of every sales conversation you conduct…”What are 3 additional initiatives you are pursuing this quarter?” You can then post leads with the information you receive from asking that simple question. To buy leads simply set up lead alerts and be notified when a matching lead is entered for sale or you can go browse leads now. You receive brief information about the lead while browsing, however after you purchase the lead all the valuable information (contact info, details surrounding the lead, timing, potential size, etc) is yours to keep. This is real, live, fresh data…not a list.

What kind of lead on Tradelibs?

Any useful sales data will find its way to the right buyer. It is important to be as honest and detailed as possible, but part of the premise of Tradelibs is the old adage, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.” Example: You may be selling software but you find out your client needs new office space. You can’t sell office space but there are a lot of people out there that do and would find that information valuable. Sell that lead in the Tradelibs marketplace.

Can I buy and sell on Tradelibs?

YES! We believe business people that are having sales conversations and doing business daily will have the most use for Tradelibs, both buying AND selling data.

How can i found potential buyer

Here is the example:

Importer Req : Wanted : Euro Wood Pallets Germany Buyer Is Interested To Receive Quotations For The Following Rfq – Product Name : Euro Wood Pallets Specifications : Color : Natural Style : Single/double Face Quantity Required : 5000 – 10,000 Units Per Month Shipping Terms : Cif Destination Port : Hamburg, Germany Payment Terms : To Be Discussed With The Suppliers Looking For Suppliers From : Worldwide Contact : Jan Andersen Company : Jan Andersen Address : Germany Phone : 491735383250 Email : J.andersen@protonmail.com

How can i found potential buyer with shipments record

You can search your potential buyers by shipments record, database contain a Product description and relevant sales data, basic contact details including phone, title and email as well as company information.

The easy thing is, just search the importers name on google search engine

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