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Go2W Business Consulting Supplier: Foods, beers and beverages

Go2W Business Consulting Brazil

Supplier: Foods, beers and beverages, honey and propolis (traditional and organic), frozen meat, chicken cuts, beef, lamb, mutton, goat, cow intestines, bull penis , – Kids clothes and garments, bikinis and swimwear, – Mining and agricutural equipments: steel rollers, thermoplastic rollers, impact rollers, pulleys, return rollers with rubber rings, guide rollers, welding steel parts
Services: We intermediate and connect international sellers and buyers. We streamline the negotiation between the parts.

Buyer: Fabrics, steel, newspaper roll, white PVC scrap

Rua Borba Gato, 125/902
Criciuma 88802170
Santa Catarina Brazil

Contact Person: Ezequiel Goncalves
Phone: 55-48-988126519 Fax: –
Email: ezequiel@go2w.com.br